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Seans top garden tips – design your garden

Posted on March 2nd, 2013

Gardening vegetable plot

Starting from scratch
Ok so you have just moved house, bad enough i know what with boxes everywhere, unopened goods laying around the house it’s your last thought to go into the garden.
Think not as your garden can be a relaxing place to be specially in spring and summer seasons, so step outside and start to take a breather form unpacking to see what lies in wait in our new garden.

First things first, do you want to design your garden yourself or use the services of a professional garden designer?

A garden designers role is to look at the gardens potential and explore it creatively, they will explore different possibility available and choose a solution that not only suits your garden but your lifestyle. You may want to dive in and design the garden yourself which is quite a straight forward task once you know what you want in your garden.

Most folk say live with the garden for a year to see it change through the seasons before you make plans to change, but like me some people are impatient and cannot wait before making changes. Considering it is a new property the positive is you are not attached to any of the plants do digging up and removing is an easier task to take.

First step -look around the garden and see what is growing well and which plants need removed, don’t be afraid to look over the fence at the neighbours garden to see what plants are adjoining and growing well next door to get some more inspiration.
Give your soil a test to find out which plants grow well in the soil, you can send a soil sample here to get it tested

Second stage – Design a grid system for your garden, smaller grids closer to the house, larger squares further away to create distance and bespoke feel. Add the lawn you require and shape, then draw out your bedding’s before planning the plants.

I hope this tip helps, if you need further advice don’t hesitate to contact me here

Article by Sean at bright gardens – gardener in Leicester